Pastor Greg Locke Steps Up After Tornado Rips Through City



Hours after the tragic tornado’s that hit middle Tennessee shut down entry to several towns, Pastor Greg Locke found himself walking into the city of Mount Juliet where he is Pastor at Global Vision Bible Church.

After returning from Washington, Pastor Greg’s Uber from the airport was unable to get him into the city which resulted in him walking miles to get to his church on Old Lebanon Dirt Road. As Pastor Greg walked through the destruction he asked for prayer for the city and offered immediate help to anyone in the community who was effected by the tornado.


Within an hour of returning to town he announced that his church was going to be open the next day to service the community while members of Global Vision immediately opened their homes to victims, donated and volunteered to serve. That very evening Global Vision had already been out helping clean up. They were set to have their food pantry load doubled, generators available, and pallets of water delivered. Out of state ministries were already on their way to GVBC help the community.

By the next morning Pastor Greg had already been to City Hall to meet with officials to let it be known that his church was open and ready to help with supplies, shelter and prayer. Global Vision Bible Church was officially named a distribution center for those in crisis. Some out of state ministries had already began to arrive and Pastor Locke sent them across town to Missionary Baptist Church to help them begin the process of rebuilding their church that had been utterly obliterated by the tornado.

Beside that church was the family home of one of GVBC’s congregants which rested in a pile among the ground.

That evening 1 of 5 tractor trailer deliveries of supplies had arrived. Tarps, blankets, food, clothing, toiletries and other essential supplies were being distributed and even delivered to those who couldn’t get through the destruction zones.

In the wake of disaster, so many wanted to genuinely help while others saw this tragedy as an opportunity to make money. One of the biggest problems being encountered with out of state help that came into Mount Juliet are the “vultures” who are coming in to trying to take advantage of the tragedy and charging the victims outrageous amounts of money to clean up their properties of fallen trees, crumbled houses and debris. Pastor Greg was having none of that. Global Vision deployed 30 men to the worst hit community of Mount Juliet.

On March 8th, Tennessee Valley Jeeps showed up at Global Vision to help. Tennessee Valley Jeeps is a community organization that blends the Jeep lifestyle with giving back. They came loaded with supplies and ready to serve.

Pastor Timothy Carter from Sonshine Recovery Ministries out of South Carolina rallied behind Pastor Locke and Global Vision in the days after the tornado. With a $5,000 donation as well as generators, supplies and a crew, they have been stationed outside of GVBC working tirelessly to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this devastated city.


Nick Schindler with Redemption Rail Road Ministries from Virginia, collected supplies and arrived to serve the Middle Tennessee tornado victims. Schindler and his wife made their way to the parking lot and set up command at GVBC. Others have come from near an far including Philadelphia, Knoxville and Kentucky to help serve.


Aside from the distribution needs that Pastor Greg, GVBC and their many partners have met, they have also in the last 2 weeks met other needs, more personal needs of the victims in Mount Juliet.

Global Vision Bible Church has put up multiple families in hotels, obtained apartments for families who lost their homes, paying for fuel, given money to victims for person needs and helped those whose work was effected meet their financial obligations due to being out of work. There have even been people sleeping inside of the church. Just this past Sunday, Pastor Greg offered to pay the cost of a hotel studio apartment for a family of 3, with a special needs child whose home was declared a complete loss after the tornado. As quickly as donations for the tornado victims are coming in, they are going right back out. GVBC is continually serving those in need and is seeking more to serve.


Anyone who is in Middle Tennessee and in need of supplies such as food, water, clothing, diapers, toiletries, medical supplies, a warm place to stay or even just prayer after being effected by the tornado’s are encouraged to reach out to Global Vision Bible Church. Pastor Greg Locke and his church are ready and prepared to meet your immediate needs.

Global Vision Bible Church is located at 2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd in Mt. Juliet


call 615-553-4040 or 615-613-2385

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2 thoughts on “Pastor Greg Locke Steps Up After Tornado Rips Through City

  1. ᎣᏍᏓ ᏑᎾᎴᎢ Osda sunalei.Good Morning
    I have just read this remarkable story and, will share it with my Church in Bryson City Nc. First Baptist Church. This person did a very selfless contribution to the community in the time of real crises. The Lord moves in mysterious ways and, placed his caring onto the shoulders of Greg Locke. ~Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth~ Matthew 5:5

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